Optional Tours

Our # 1 TOUR!!!

River and Mangrove Tour by Kayak

Our most popular for the best reasons. 

Kayaks are towed up the river by our boat just before high tide and released for your return with the outgoing tide and the natural river current. Easy paddling for all ages. We are able to traverse deep into the mangrove channels that contain the largest Red Mangroves in the world and explore the eco system that provides the nutrients for the beginning of the food chain for all fish. It is a hatchery for small fish and a haven for marine birds, reptiles and animals. Often seen are Osprey, Boat-Billed Heron, Green Heron, Ibis, Whimbrel, Willet and Ringed Kingfisher. And on a special day the endangered mangrove hummingbird or the yellow billed cotinga.

A quiet and relaxing way to enjoy the sights and sounds of the river, explore deeper into the mangrove estuary and its various coves and tunnels. 

Tide dependent. $65 per person. Two person minimum


Snorkeling  at a beautiful and vibrant coral reef only 20 minutes South of Saladero by boat. Sargent Majors, Angelfish, Moray Eels, Blue Tang, Jacks, Triggerfish and small rays are plentiful.

$50 per person, two person minimum.

Duration 2 - 2 1/2 hours depending on tidal current.


A relaxing river tour that explores the maze-like mangroves of the Rio Esquinas. This is where the salt water Golfo Dulce meets the fresh waters of the river and the mangroves form a thriving estuary for fledgling fishes and nesting areas for many marine birds. The mystic mangrove estuary is a paradise for birding. Watch for crocodiles sunbathing on the banks or logs. 

Designated a marine sanctuary by the government four years ago, the wildlife is not under any undo pressure and is seldom visited by tourists.  Birders won't miss scores of Whimbrels and White Ibis. Other birds we've spotted include Osprey, Yellow-headed Caracara, four different species of kingfishers and Boat-billed Heron.

Tide dependent. $65 Per person, 2 person minimum.
duration: 2 - 2 1/2 hours 


Night Walk – 7 to 8.30pm

Explore our gardens and trails for those nocturnal creatures that become active at night. Frogs, bats, tarantulas, reptiles and moths. Look for the fresh water shrimp in the creeks or find the clink frog by its sound. 7:00 to 8:30

$30 per person - 2 person minimum. $25 for 3 or more persons.


Birding - Early Morning or Afternoon Bird Tour

Birdwatching in 4 adjacent ecosystems, primary rainforest, secondary rainforest, mangroves and the saltwater Gulfo Dulce. Experience a great variety of species all in walking distance.

These are ideal locations for spotting the laughing falcon, yellow headed caracara, chestnut mandible tucan, cherry tanagers, lineated woodpecker, golden named woodpecker, red lored parrot, orange chinned parakeet, slatey-tailed trogan and Baird’s trogan. 

Unique sightings this past year include a rare juvenile crested eagle and the critically endangered yellow billed cotinga.

Morning tours at 5.30 am; Afternoon tours at 3.30 pm – 2 hours

$30 per person - 2 person minimum. 3 or more $25.00 per person.

From December 2017 to May 2018 enjoy tours led by:

Stacey Hollis, 

Confirmed "bird nerd"

Stacey has devoted her life to learning about and promoting awareness about birds and wildlife conservation. Graduating from Warren Wilson College with a BSc in Biology and Environmental Studies, she went on to work in avian field ecology and conservation research for five years. She’s worked on puffin nesting colonies off the coast of Maine, monitored and banded burrowing owls in the western United States, radio-tracked smooth billed anis in Puerto Rico and more. While her desire to stay in the field was strong, Stacey decided she needed to “pull a Jane Goodall” and leave the wild birds she loved in order to spread the message about the dire straits that they, and many other wildlife species, are in. Now with a MSc in Journalism from University of Oregon, she has gone on to write for Sierra Club, Defenders of Wildlife and now manages and writes for Wild Lens, Inc.‘s Eyes on Conservation blog.


A Garden of Eden with mass plantings of orchids, bromeliads, helaconias, cycads, ornamental palms and flowering gingers, Casa Orquideas is a local botanical gem. The guided garden tour includes touching, tasting, smelling and simply amazing yourself at one of the most complete private tropical plant collections you've ever seen.  Casa Orquedia represents 40 years of hard work and dedication from Ron and Trudy MacCalister. 

Guided tours are on Thursdays and Sundays.

During the scenic 20 minute boat ride to Casa Orquideas it may be possible to see dolphins, sea turtles, rays leaping from the water and ocassionally whales. 

Casa Orquideas Tour $45 Per person, 2 person minimum. 
duration: 3-4 hours


We travel by boat West across the Gulfo Dulce to Playa Blanca on the Osa Penninsula, where we board a taxi for the short trip to Finca Kobo to learn about and experience the process of growing, fermenting, drying and making chocolate.
As part of the guided tour of this amazing organic farm you will pass through a “biological corridor” where wild animals and the farm coexist together. The tour culminates in tastings of wonderful chocolate fondue with fresh fruit and homemade banana bread in the middle of a tropical garden. Chocolate products are available for purchase and make a wonderful souvenir to take home.

$85 per person for 2 people, 3 or more $65 person. Two person minimum.
duration: 3-4 hours



A guided hike through a series of three trails at Saladero. Rainforests are the Earth's oldest ecosystems. These incredible places cover only 6 % of the Earth's surface but yet they contain MORE THAN 1/2 of the world's plant and animal species! 

Huge hardwood trees with massive buttress root support structures entertwined with vines. Learn about the different layers of primary rainforest and why the rainforest is so important to our survival. 

Look for animals, insects and birds. Emphasis is on the importance of the primary rainforest, diversity, symbiotic relationships between plants and animals, mini-ecosystems within the rainforest and medicinal plants. 

Guided Rainforest Tour: $25. Per person, 2 person minimum. 

Duration: 2-2/12 Hours

             "As many as 30 million species of plants and animals live in tropical rainforests." 


From the beach, in the river or offshore, fishing opportunities abound at Saladero. You can use our kayaks and fish anytime you like. 

Excursions in the Rio Esquinas or Golfo Dulce are available and off shore trips arranged upon request. We have caught bonita, spanish mackerel, barracuda, golden travelly and grouper in the gulf while the river is known for red snapper and snook populations.

Inshore/River Fishing – Guided inshore fishing in the Golfo Dulce and the Rio Esquinas. Tide dependent for fishing the river. 19’ boat with fiberglass roof, all rods, lures and fishing equipment included.

River/ Gulf Fishing Excursion $50. Per person, 2 person minimum.

Offshore Fishing – Fish with local certified Captains either inshore for Red Snapper, Roosterfish or Mackerel or offshore for Marlin, Sailfish, Tuna or Dolphin. Prices range from $400 to $1,350 dependent on ½ day, full day, inshore or offshore. With most captains prices for ½ day charter include water, soft drinks and beer. Full day includes water, soft drinks, beer and lunch. Contact us for quotes. Please schedule in advance of your trip to guarantee the booking. A 50% deposit is required.


Exciting  Canopy tour/zipline on the Osa Penninsula
Includes boat transfer to Playa Blanca, taxi to and from the canopy tour, the canopy tour and boat transfer back to Saladero. 

An adventure tour with a bird’s eye view of the canopy. The last line is the longest on the Osa and you will reach a speed of 80 MPH, In secondary and primary rain forest. Fresh fruit and drink after the tour. Look for dolphins, whales and turtles on the way.

4 or more persons $110 per person. 2 to 3 persons $125 per person.

4-5 hours duration


Canyoning, also know as Canyoneering, Abseiling, Kloofing, or Waterfall Rappelling, is the most exciting new adventure sport to hit the US, Europe, Japan, South Africa and now  the Osa Peninsula!

Proyecto Aventura Canyons (PAC) tour offers traveller's the opportunity to explore some of Costa Rica’s most fantastic waterfalls. With canyoneering certified and bilingual guides on hand, you will rappel down several gushing falls— An experience that you will never forget!

PAC offers a great way to explore the hidden depths of this magical area of Costa Rica, while at the same time, enjoying the fun and adventure of this great water-sport. Whether we are jumping over cascades into crystal clear pools, wading, swimming, climbing or rapelling through waterfalls, the excitement never ends.

You'll put on a helmet and harness, then brace yourself for non-stop action. Imagine yourself surrounded by lush rain forest inside a spectacular canyon, full of tropical waterfalls and thousands of years  of architecture carved out by nature, with surprises each step of the way.

Our awesome canyons are located just a short distance from the town of Golfito (15 minutes away). Prepare to get wet and experience the thrill of a lifetime.

Price is $98 per person, with a 2 person minimum from Golfito. Boat transportation fees may apply.


Diving around Gulfo Dulce is a unique experience.  You have at least three good dive destination options:  Los Mogos (20 minutes away), Widow's Peak (35 minutes away) and Matapalo (1.5 hours away).  The water temperature varies greatly from 85 degrees on the surface to 75 degrees at depth.  There are thermoclines, however, and the visibility typically improves with depth.    You  will see turtles, angel fish, lobster, stingrays, grouper, trigger fish, puffers, schooling jacks, parrot fish, tangs, snapper, octopus, spade fish, scorpion fish, amber jack and the usual small fish like sergeant majors, blennies, etc. You will need to bring your own BC, regulator and light wetsuit.  It is best for experienced intermediate to advanced divers due to some minor current and visibility factors. Expect to pay a little more than other dive destinations due to the very personalized service.

Diving is through several dive operators in Golfito. Contact us for pricing.

Here are two companies that organize expedition type kayaking trips in the Golfo Dulce. If your focus is more into kayaking, these are the best providers in the Golfo Dulce. More information on our links page.

Please contact them directly.

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