The Saladero Experience

Posted on December 16, 2017 at 9:20 AM

Welcome to Saladero Ecolodge's blog where I invite you to join me for an in-depth experience of all the goings on here in our little corner of paradise!

My name is Stacey (aka @stacebird!) and I'll be your guide both withinin these pages as well as whenever you might happen to find yourself staying with us at the edge of the rich Golfo Dulce and inside the virgin rainforests of Piedras Blancas National Park. 

The rich biodiversity of this area along with the fascinatingly complex ecological interactions that have evolved throughout time in this primary forest that we call home warrent more of an in-depth description to do justice to the species and their relationships. Hence, this blog!

So welcome to the Saladero Experience and please feel free to throw any questions you may have about this place or anything that exists here you might want to learn more about, be it birds, wildlife, the forests, our sustainable, off-the-grid living, or the research and conservation efforts we participate in with Osa Conservation

So please stay tuned, as I plan on starting off by exploring the fascinatingly secret lives of the Three-toed Sloth and introduce you to one of our "residents" here at Saladero. 

Thanks to all for your interest and PURA VIDA! (indeed..!)

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