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Explore our Paradise on your own


Animal and Plant Observation
Of course, you want to know what animal or plant you saw. In the Beachhouse there is a daily lively discussion about the exciting encounters. The animal identification cards will help you to name the seen. Where are the animals? Everywhere. On land, on water and in the air.


Snorkeling at Puma Beach
South of Saladero, in the second bay after our land, is Puma Beach. You can reach it within 25 minutes by kayak. Ideal for snorkeling is sunshine and low tide. Diving goggles and fins are provided. Bring your water shirt and water shoes. Don't forget to wear a sun hat and bring drinking water. To find the corals safely we recommend you to let Oscar or Royser guide you by boat. 

SUP and Kayak
Guests can use our kayaks for free. The waters of Golfo Dulce are the calmest here off Playa Saladero and offer a variety of options. 

The early bird gets the worm. Early in the morning when the water is smooth and the tide is high, we recommend you SUP or kayak down our bay to the south near the shore to observe turtles and Eagle Rays and other wonderful creatures. Also heading north to the mouth of the River Esquina in the mornings you have great chances of seeing dolphins and sea turtles up close from a kayak, or even encountering a plankton eating whale shark! Humpback whales also come here year after year to use the deep waters of the Gulf as a breeding ground and to nurse their young. 


Kayaking north along the shore at sunset is also breathtaking. Maybe between appetizer and dinner?


The two yellow heavy single kayaks are faster but more wobbly. Ask for help carrying the kayaks and please don't let them fall off the railing onto the ground or drag them along the beach. 

Jungle Walk
You can explore the forest at any time of the day or night and in any weather. Even a walk during the rain has its charm. After all, we are in the rainforest. If you want expert information about this fascinating world, you can also sign up for a guided exploration.


Trail number 4 (Gladiator Trail) can only be done when the ground is dry, as it would be too slippery and dangerous. Also, the path would suffer from the slide. Please do not stand on the support boards that stabilize the steps. Please wear rubber boots on the trail. You will find them beside the pizza oven. Also grab a walking stick in the beach house especially when you do the Gladiator trail. We have often seen very small but poisonous Fer de Lance on the trails. This snake is hard to see. With the rubber boot you are well protected and don't have to worry. 

Be prepared to persevere! Whether you fish from the beach or by kayak, this area near the Rio Esquinas is known for Black Snook, Red Snapper, Spanish Mackerel, Jacks, Roosterfish and Grouper. Unlimited use of our kayaks and fishing equipment is included in the price. Techniques used are trolling or bottom fishing. Fly fishing is also possible, but you must bring your own equipment. Never fished in the sea? Maybe you need a guide? We will be happy to prepare your catch of the day in our kitchen. 


Since the water is usually calm and always pleasantly warm, the sea also invites you to swim. Also the salt content in the gulf is low, because it is fed by eight freshwater rivers. That is why it is called the sweet gulf. At our beach on the left, swimmers often see capuchin monkeys picking fruit from the trees on the shore.


You may get brushed by small jellyfish that are not visible. This may cause a brief, mild burning sensation but passes quickly. If you wear a water shirt, you won't be bothered while swimming.


Watch out for falling coconuts! When strolling through our enchanting gardens, please keep an eye on the tall coconut trees and do not rest under them.

Attention poisonous snakes! The Fer de Lance loves to lie in wait on the gravel path leading from the Beachhouse to the Mainhouse. It is often there early in the morning and when it is dark. However, be watchful throughout the grounds and never be without your flashlight at night.

Attention stingrays! You will often see these when you run into the water. They disappear immediately. If visibility is unclear, shuffle your feet in the water to avoid stepping on a stingray. 

And now off to adventure! It's great you made this long journey to us. We are sure it will be worth it and we wish you a magical stay. Pura Vida!

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