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Safety measures in times of Covid-19

At Saladero, we want to make sure that your time spent here with us is just perfect, even in these uncertain times. Our beautiful ecolodge is only reachable by boat and located in pristine rainforest and an ideal destination if you are looking for seclusion, remoteness and elegance in a truly wild paradise setting.


Please read below how we are dealing with the current circumstances and how we plan to keep our wonderful staff and our future guests as healthy and safe as possible.


What hygiene measures do you have in place at the Retreat?


We have always taken hygiene extremely seriously and we have now employed further measures to reinforce our protocols. We disinfect all surfaces regularly and this includes flat surfaces and floors in our Guest Cabines, our Kitchen and the Restaurant, but also other furniture. In our Kitchen we are also very careful about sterilizing and thoroughly cleaning food preparation areas, boards and utensils. We follow general safety measures such as washing and disinfecting hands regularly, wearing face masks, not shaking hands or hugging and abiding to social distancing etiquette. We also have plenty of alcohol gel, which we make available to our staff and our guests. Finally, we introduced a new policy of not allowing staff or contractors with any cold symptoms to work or stay at the Ecolodge. 

By the way, our hygiene measures also extend to our boats and activity equipment, which are also cleaned and sanitized after each use. As always, all regular and antibacterial soaps that we use at Saladero are highly biodegradable.


What measures do you have in place at your restaurant?


Our restaurant and living areas are for the exclusive use of our few guests. We are not open to day visitors. The restaurant and living areas are sheltered, however they don't have walls, so they are very airy and naturally ventilated. The dining tables in our restaurant are set well over 3 meters apart. We pride ourselves in offering a personal service and, indeed, all our meals have always been served at our guests’ private tables. The people serving and interacting with you will always follow  strict hygiene practices, including wearing a face mask, social distancing and regularly washing and disinfecting hands after each encounter or dish served.


How will excursions take place?


For the period up to at least the end of April 2021 all our excursions will be carried out privately (i.e. for the people in your group only). Depending on the development of COVID-19 we may extend this precaution beyond this date.

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